Drawing Essentials 101


6 sessions

Instructor: Michelle Saffran

Tuition: $120, financial assistance available

Learn to draw in this fun and informative 6-week class in which you will be introduced to a variety of materials and learn and practice core drawing skills. This workshop will help you feel comfortable with a variety of drawing materials and give you confidence to explore new ways of mark making. This is an introductory drawing course that is intended to help develop basic observational and perceptual drawing skills as well as increase personal expression through creative investigation.In this class for beginning and intermediate students, you will practice observation, experimentation, and invention, becoming acquainted with a variety of drawing media and approaches. Students will investigate the properties of line, value, shape, texture, and the representation of space, focusing on methods and techniques to represent the illusion of the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface. Additionally, drawing will be explored as a fundamental element of visual thinking, and as a language to communicate and express ideas. You will receive individual attention in a relaxed and friendly setting.
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Beveled Glass Snowflakes – Stained Glass

$55 - materials included


Instructor: Dayna Sabatino of Day Breaks Glass

Create beautiful hanging snowflakes using beveled glass and wintry glass gems while learning the basic steps of the stained glass process. Participants will learn about and the copper foil method for making stained glass. No experience necessary, all levels welcome!

Instructor Bio: Dayna Sabatino studied stained glass in the Bay Area of California where she worked in all aspects of the industry. Building artworks one piece of beautiful glass at a time was a natural fit for her. Over the years there, she taught courses in many techniques of stained glass and mosaic art, built commissioned works on her own and for other artists, and performed restorations, from small lampshades to large church windows.

After returning to the East Coast, she landed in Vermont where she married her husband and became a mother. Currently, when not busy working on their homestead, Dayna is creating one of a kind works of glass art, taking commissions, and teaching workshops around New England. Find her online here and on FaceBook.
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Sip n’ Slurry – Pottery Friday Nights


$20 per session or $50 for series + cash bar

River Arts pottery instructors host a Sip n' Slurry creative experience - the pottery twist on Paint n' Sip! We will walk you through a specific handbuilding project - from mugs, candle holders, planters, plates, vases, and more, all while unwinding with a glass of wine or locally brewed beer. Handbuilidng is a great introductory method of working with clay, no prior experience is required (pottery wheel not used in this class as it requires more than one class to complete work). Couples and groups encouraged, bring some friends and make it a party!

Each participant will make 1 piece during the evening. We know it is tempting to make extra pieces, but to be able to keep firing, glazing, and costs low for participants, each person must follow guided project to complete one piece!

Price includes materials, pieces will be available to pickup after glazing and firing approximately 3 weeks later.

Special thank you to Rock Art Brewery for sponsoring the series!

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Poetry Clinic

$5 Suggested donation

For those of you who use writing classes as a way to set aside special time for your writing practice: Here is an irresistible gift … a clinic to keep your pen and mind in motion. The first hour of the clinic will be devoted to generative poetry writing exercises; the second hour will be devoted to respectful critiques of work you bring to or make in class.   River Arts hosts workshops, readings, and clinics devoted to supporting the myriad voices living within the community and surrounding areas. Read on to see what’s been going on, about to happen, and join us!  

River Arts Review: Voices from Northern Vermont Volume 3 – Our third collection of poetry – take a look, or purchase  online!    

Click here to view River Arts Review: Voices from Northern Vermont Volume 2  

Click here to view River Arts Review: Voices from Northern Vermont Volume 1
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River Arts Photo Co-op

$5 Suggested donation

The River Arts Photo Co-op provides photography enthusiasts with a way to gather, promote and share their experience and knowledge of photography in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. No experience necessary – just a love of photography and a desire for discovery, building skills, and connecting with others with a similar passion!  Our goal is to promote the sharing of ideas, techniques and creativity through membership participation in workshops, competitions and monthly social gatherings.   image4  
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Open Studio Figure Drawing

$10/session; punchcards available - $90/10 classes (save $10)

Open Studio Figure Drawing meets every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month in the beautiful Robert C. Folley Performance Hall, located on the second floor of the River Arts Center. The group, which gathers from 3:00-5:30 p.m. invites and accommodates all levels of drawing/painting/sculpture backgrounds and expertise. The sessions feature a variety of approaches to working from the figure. The open studio is open to the public for a fee of $10 per session, and we encourage anyone interested in working from the figure to join us for a fun and creative evening. Easels and tables available.
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River Arts Writing Lab

$5 suggested donation

The River Arts Writing Lab is designed to support a range of writing experience, goals, and genres. The emphasis is on providing a means for the participants to share their work, and to give and receive constructive, well-thought-out feedback.

A webpage is provided for those writers who are ready to have their work critiqued (the work can be at any stage of development). Posting manuscripts prior to the meetings will allow more time for careful consideration and productive discussion. Together we’ll develop guidelines for providing respectful and useful feedback.

A period of less structured time for reading, writing, or sharing will also be a part of the meetings.

The aim of the Writing Lab is to support each other by giving and receiving helpful commentary. It’s a cooperative effort. The group welcomes ideas for other activities that encourage and expand our writing skills.

If you are interested in joining this group, send us an email at [email protected].

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