Vinegar Painting with Martha Kinney for web
Opening Reception Thursday, September 4th, 5-7pm
This group exhibit displays a wide variety of work from the Johnson, Sterling View, and Morrisville Elder Art Groups.     The exhibit is complimented by additional pieces on display at the Morrisville Post Office at 16 Portland Street.
The Johnson Art Group:
Meets every Tuesday, 9-11am on the 2nd floor of the Johnson Municipal Building.
The Johnson Senior Art Group was established a number of years ago by members of the community to gather, share camaraderie and create art together. At present, there are 18 dues paying members and attendance averages 10-12 members each week.  No age or gender restriction.  On any given Tuesday, the group invites the public to participate in a session.  If  interested, call the Johnson Town Clerks Office, 635-2611 on a Tuesday and request the call be forwarded to the extension on the 2nd floor.
The Sterling  View Art Group:
Meets every Monday, 9-11am at the Sterling View Community Center in Hyde Park.
The Morrisville Art Group:
Meets every Friday, 10-12pm at the Lamoille Senior Center in Morrisville
The River Arts Elder Art Program provides free workshops and events to community members aged 60 and up through the generous support of the Copley Munson Fund and private donations.
The Common Space Gallery is located on the main floor of the River Arts Center.
Gallery hours: Monday-Thursday, 9:00a.m.-4:00p.m.  Friday 9:00 – 2:00 p.m.  For off hours, please give us a  call at 802-888-1261