Robert Hitzig: Paintings and Paintings on Sculpture
Opening Reception Thursday, May 1, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

The new exhibit, Paintings and Paintings on Sculpture, features a sampling of work created over the last six years by artist Rob Hitzig.  The majority of work on display involves three dimensional wall art with painted surfaces, with a few strictly two-dimensional paintings included in the exhibit. Though Hitzig’s work has many unique aspects, the most significant is his use of tinted shellac as a paint. By sealing the underlying surface, Hitzig is able to mix and rework color over many weeks until a particular effect is achieved. The transparent nature of shellac creates depth to the work by allowing the applied color to enhance, rather than obscure, what is below.

In addition to tinted shellac, Hitzig uses acrylic paints, oil paints, graphite, oil pastels, and epoxy in his recent mixed media paintings. Developing the surface, Hitzig uses scratches, tear out, saw marks, cuts, and other types of gouges to create more depth and ” help create space for beautiful accidents”.
Robert started his art career ten years ago after working for the US Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC.  With undergraduate degrees in Geology and History as well as a graduate degree in Environmental Sciences, he became obsessed with creating art with wood while studying furniture making as a hobby in 1996. Though he has not taken any art classes since the eight grade, Robert has been informally studying art his whole life, nurturing a latent interest until he was able to dedicate himself full-time to his true passion in 2004. Robert lives in Montpelier, Vermont.
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