River Arts Community Projects

River Arts partners with local businesses and organizations to bring public art to our community. Public art has the power to energize our public spaces, arouse our thinking, and transform the places where we live, work, and play into more welcoming and beautiful environments that invite interaction. Public art can make strangers talk, children ask questions, calm a hurried life, and create a more desirable and liveable community.

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The River Works Project

River Arts and Johnson State College have partnered together to bring the River Works Project to our community.  The River Works Project is designed to increase awareness about the Lamoille River and its social, economic and environmental impact on the Town of Morristown. The project will evolve over the course of 2017-2018, and culminate with permanent public art installations designed and created by Johnson State College and area high school students at the Oxbow Riverfront Park in 2018. The final installations are intended to beautify the area, increase our community’s awareness of the surrounding natural environment, and provide opportunities for observation and contemplation.

Community Participation:  Community input is vital to the success of the project. River Arts held a community talk with Artist and Johnson State College Assistant Professor of Fine Art, Michael Zebrowski on March 25th, to learn more about his public art and discuss the upcoming River Works Project. To watch clips from the presentation, click here and to view images click here.

The community is encouraged to share their stories of the Lamoille River and Oxbow, present questions about the area, as well as thoughts and ideas for the project.  The information gathered through our surveys (see link below) will be used to inform the work of the students, as they work with Michael Zebrowski to envision, design, build and install the final art installations.

River Works Project Community Survey – Click here to take our short online survey and share your stories of the Lamoille River and Oxbow, questions you may have about the area, and your thoughts and ideas for the project.

oxbowpark (1)



The Sculptural Trees Project

Sculptures created by Gordon Auchincloss
River Arts is working with community partners to bring three public sculptures to Morrisville through 2018. The first sculpture, created by Artist Gordon Auchincloss, was installed on Portland Street in the Fall of 2016. Stay tuned for the final two which will be placed in front of the Centennial Library and police station. This project is part of the Animating Infrastructure Sculptural Trees Project.  A big thank you to Community National Bank and the Vermont Arts Council for their support in bringing public art to life in our town!



The Mural Project 2016

Summertime – On the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail in Morrisville, VT

River Arts’ summer youth camp, The Mural Project, celebrated a fourth year of public art in Morrisville.

Thirteen campers (ages 6-12) participated in River Arts’ The Mural Project summer camp to create another vibrant mural, which can be seen on the bridge parallel to Bridge Street Morrisville – adjacent to Oxbow Park. The group was led by artist/instructor Kelly Holt and assisted by musician and artist Lesley Grant.

The group of young artists worked with exterior house paint and heavy panels of plywood to create the murals, which depict the surface of a river flowing and splashing with movement. Campers explored graffiti art techniques – using spray paint and stencils to create shapes of fish. Campers also created two indoor murals for the River Arts building Cityscape – sunset and Cityscape – night mural.

mural project 2016








The Mural Project 2017

You Can Imagine Anything Lamoille – Valley Rail Trail between Morrisville Lumber and 10 Railroad Street

Five campers (ages 9 years and up) participated in River Arts’ The Mural Project summer camp to create another vibrant mural, which can be seen on the Morrisville Lumber building along the Rail Trail and across from 10 Railroad Street in Morrisville. The group was led by local artist and instructor Jess Graham.

The group of young artists worked with exterior house paint and heavy panels of plywood to create the mural, which depicts playful creatures from the campers’ imaginations. Campers explored the process of mural design, collaborative art process, paint color mixing, and start-to-finish mural creation.

River Arts’ public art project was made possible by Morrisville Lumber, Country Home Center Morrisville, and Aubuchon Hardware Morrisville.