We’re bidding a fond farewell to Executive Director
Dominique Gustin who will be leaving us in order to pursue new opportunities and develop her artistic practice. In her own words, “It’s incredibly difficult to make a decision like this, however reaching my twelve-year mark as staff, and approaching our 20th anniversary as an organization, caused me to reflect on what’s ahead, both for me and for River Arts. I feel extremely proud of all we’ve accomplished, and confident that the organization is well prepared for this transition, with the staff, infrastructure, programs, and resources necessary to take it successfully into the future”.

During Dominique’s tenure, we’ve developed and grown innovative programs, public art projects, and focused strategically on launching a community clay studio and artisan gift shop featuring Vermont artists, adding to the vitality of the downtown and creating a dedicated space for individuals and families to engage creatively together. Our operating budget has grown while steadily building a reserve, and we’re in a strong financial position with exciting programs and an effective staff in place. “I can’t thank Dominique enough for her time and commitment to this organization and our community” commented Nan Carle Beauregard, River Arts Board President, “… we wish her much continued success in her next endeavors and look forward to building upon the progress we’ve made under her leadership. She has positioned us well to continue our work providing the community with a vibrant hub for the arts.”

Dominique will remain in a part time capacity to support the organization through this transition, so rather than “goodbye”, it will be more like a “see you soon” albeit in a different capacity. A search for our next executive director has begun, so if you know the perfect person, click here for more details and let us know!

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