Join the next Photo Co-op Meeting Thursday, January 18th at 6pm!

Drop in every 3rd Thursday, 6-8pm, $5 suggested donation

Presentation: iPhone Photography Apps, by Nan Carle-Beauregard

Photo Sharing Topic: White on White

For photo sharing:

1. Three max.

2. The theme is optional. Lots of folks like to use the theme as a motivation to get out and shoot, but if you’d prefer to show something else you’ve been shooting, then do so.

3. When deciding which photos to share, consider picking one (or more) for which you would like to receive suggestions for improvement.

4. Make it easier on the person running the computer:

Use your name as the name of the memory stick

Remove all the extraneous files

If you put them in a folder, then give the folder an obvious name

If you want your photos shown in order, then name them accordingly

Hope to see you there!

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